Research Assistant Professor

In November of 2016 my title has changed to Research Assistant Professor (from Postdoctoral Scholar). I am thrilled with this opportunity to move on with my career and to continue to collaborate with the CCEE department at NCSU. Cheers!


Hello everyone, welcome!

I enjoy working in a collaborative environment and in research that encompasses multi-disciplinary subjects. I have background in electric power systems and operations research. I work with mathematical optimization models and methods for decision making under uncertainty and their application to energy system problems such as power generation scheduling, capacity planning and expansion, renewable power integration, and economics of smart grids.

In terms of research goals, my primary interests are in the use, and development of, operations research models and techniques in applications related to energy systems. One of my objectives is to better use theoretical developments and apply them to model and to take decisions involving real problems. I have developed over the years computational machinery using mathematical optimization solvers and parallel programming to solve electric and energy systems problems. I have experience with multi-stage stochastic optimization models and algorithms, and one of the main motivations for me in that area was the hydro-thermal scheduling problem. Also, I have performed research in electricity markets in topics such as locational marginal pricing, tariffs structure and power generation investment decision analysis.

My future research plans are aimed at developing and testing different methodologies to deal with deterministic and stochastic programs that enable better quality decisions for energy systems. As part of this, my interests lie in: the study of climate change effects in energy systems planning and operation; the interaction between different renewable and distributed power technologies in smart grids; the pricing formation, structure and signals in deregulated markets.